How Kubernetes is used in industries and how does industries got benefited using Kubernetes…?

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a tool for automation of Linux container operations. In short we can make cluster of containers and then Kubernetes can manage them together. Kubernetes automates the manual processes involved in deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications.

What is Kubernetes used for?

When there is a need to do same operations in multiple containers together we can used Kubernetes to group them together and it will manage to do all operations together in all containers.

How does Spotify used Kubernetes and got benefited?

Spotify is a audio-streaming platform which was launched in 2008 and now has 200 million monthly users all over the world. Earlier in 2014 they felt need for containerizing microservices and for solving that they used an open-source, homegrown container orchestration system called Helios. But in 2017 they felt need of Kubernetes so that they can focus on features on platform. They started with Kubernetes and found it beneficial as they gained velocity and reduced cost.

“The community has been extremely helpful in getting us to work through all the technology much faster and much easier. And it’s helped us validate all the things we’re doing.” Says DAVE ZOLOTUSKY, SOFTWARE ENGINEER, INFRASTRUCTURE AND OPERATIONS, SPOTIFY.

When they were migrating from Helios to Kubernetes, the service was running on both until they validated Kubernetes under a variety of load circumstances and stress circumstances. They used Kubernetes APIs and extensibility features of Kubernetes, and found it straightforward and easy.

The service which takes over 10 million requests per second is running on Kubernetes and benefits in auto scaling. Hours of work turned to seconds and minutes.

Spotify team built a tool called Slingshot on Kubernetes, it was one of they success stories of Spotify using Kubernetes.

So this is how Kubernetes is used and how industry uses it to get quicker.

Spotify got benefited using Kubernetes and many more ….

So, get started with Kubernetes✌

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