Jenkins a vital tool: Industry use case of Jenkins and a case study

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins can be termed as an open source continuous integration server that helps developers by orchestrating a chain of actions, to achieve the Continuous Integration process in a automated way.

Jenkins supports the complete development lifecycle of software from building, testing, documenting the software, deploying and other stages of a software development lifecycle.

Continuous Integration

A process of development includes various changes in the source code and in a shared repository. every commit made is then build. that helps to detect problem early in the code. Jenkins provides the build and test results to the concerned teams.

Most of the companies uses Jenkins to automate the processes in deployment of a product. Jenkins can used as build server to execute jobs and automate test. Jenkins accelerate the software development process by automating process. It uses plugins to achieve continuous integration of various devOps stages.

Continuous Delivery

Jenkins helps in making changes like configurations, error fixes in production in a safe and efficient manner using short work cycles.


Jenkins can be used to automate repetitive tasks like backup/restore databases, turn on or turn off machines, collect statistics about a service and other tasks.

Case study

Avoris travel, a unique travel company seeking to reinvent the travel industry. As it is a traveling company, a smart dynamic booking engine was needed. Unique to Avoris is a discreet machining technology which enables agents to enter specific criteria to search and find all types of trips and travel opportunities across the entire network.

Avoris Travel relies on an equally inventive technology platform fueled by Jenkins.

The team realized their build times were on the decline, so they sought to minimize their delivery cycle times with Jenkins. The team was able to speed up their CI/CD with shared volumes and more. They reduce build times more than 50% with the flexibility of Jenkins plugins.

Like this many challenges they faced and found a solution using Jenkins.

In this way Jenkins helped Avoris travel to make their platform more reliable.

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